Lucy Besson - Multidisciplinary Artist

Life will test you until you become an artist. But if you do become one, then your whole life turns into a life-long project. Then your every movement, every thought, every action and every picture of yours becomes a piece of Your Personal Myth.

My roots are in Siberia, a “white and green continent” with endless tundra and taiga. A land of nomads and shamans, of megaliths in the form of phallic and egg-shaped menhirs, of graffiti-strewn rocks and sacred mountains.

I am proud of my origins, but I do not want to be limited by my background.

My curiosity about life in the West and my interest in European art and culture brought me to the Netherlands. A new phase in my life began. I was ready to make new discoveries and to discover who I really am, what I stand for and how I look at the world as an artist.

I love life. I cherish it in all its forms and manifestations, from a dewdrop glistening on the grass to clouds dissolving on the horizon. I find intrigue in both the tangible world and the mysteries hidden from our sight and consciousness. My wellspring of inspiration can be as simple as the enigmatic life of plants in my garden or the play of light along the wall in my studio. It is fromthese moments that the seeds of my future pictures are sown. The love for nature seems to be imprinted in my genes, perhaps due to my birth in Siberia, a land of boundless beauty and diversity. My fascination with people led me to pursue a career as a professional portrait painter-photographer. The extensive classical art education I received in Russia has equipped me with a versatile array of techniques for capturing the essence of a person. Alongside my trusty paints, my primary artistic tools include a photo camera and a video camera. Presently, much of my creative focus is on digital works, where I blend various techniques, incorporating fragments of my abstract paintings with photography. This approach grants me a wealth of opportunities to enrich the narrative, crafting pieces that are both intriguing and highly artistic.