Lucy Besson - Multidisciplinary Artist

Life will test you until you become an artist. But if you do become one, then your whole life turns into a life-long project. Then your every movement, every thought, every action and every picture of yours becomes a piece of Your Personal Myth.

I was born and raised in Russia, in the city of Novokuznetsk (Siberia). After high school I graduated in Painting & Drawing at the Kemerovo Regional Art College, and after that in Textile Design at the Stroganoff Academy of Industrial Art and Design in Moscow in 1987. In 1990 my curiosity about life in the west and my interest in European art and culture brought me from Siberia to the Netherlands. Exploring life in Holland and wanted to learn more about western mentality I began to portray people I met. My abstract textile work, which had been my specialism in Russia, was replaced by figurative Fine Art workĀ but also photography and video. Then I started my big long-term art project ā€œThe Human beingā€. Through my work I triedĀ to analyse Human Nature, to study mankind both from the outside and from within. Analyzing others, I also analyzed the changes in myself as an individual. This work is reciprocal. When you work with the environment, then the environment also works with you. This is development.

ā€‹Nowadays I makeĀ portraits on commissionĀ and also work with photography and video. Each sub-project has resulted in an exhibition, the publication of a book, or in a film presentation.

IĀ can be proud of my modest achievements in the disciplines in which I work.

In 2007 my documentaire `Create your Personal Myth`Ā won II prizeĀ during XII InternationalĀ Film Festival `Golden Drum` in Russia.

In 2015 I was nominated by the Second place in the competition The Portrait King Willem Alexander (Municipality Veenendaal/NL)

In 2016 I became one of the best 100 emerged Ditch photographs whose work wasĀ featured in the anual book ā€˜New Dutch Photography Talentā€™ 2016, editiedĀ by GUP Magazine (Amsterdam)

In 2018 my photo prints gotĀ the secondĀ  prize in the nomination Experimental Graphics during III Internationale TriennialĀ Graphic in Novosibirsk/Russia