Commissioned portraiture is one of my main activities. The portrait can be made using the technique of oil painting, photography or video. Technical mastery, commitment and passion

are characteristics that are highly valued by my customers, who come from different countries. 

Your own ideas about a portrait, or conceptual photowork, are also possible to carry out. It is also possible to arrange a photo shoot in your home situation. For more info about a photographic portrait for a special individual, couple or family, please fill out the contact form and you will receive an answer

as soon as possible.


Portrait Painting

Painted portrait is most demanded by the people. The best gift on the occasion of an anniversary or other life event, even the sad one.  


Concept Photo

Do you have in mind some long-cherished project? Some family photo with a powerfull  meanning or personal portrait with a secret context..? 


Photo Prints

Your photographic portrait will be carefully printed by the author herself, by me. I use different sizes of  preferable  type of professional photo paper.....


Photographic Portrait

The photographic portrait seems to compete with my painted portrait. My portraits can be questioned whether it is painting or photography?  

Private lesson_.jpg

Private Lessons 

In my studio you will learn the basics of drawing and painting.
A good basis gives you more opportunities to...