Work on Paper

Often, tired of long, concentrated work on commission, I gladly switch to free work on paper. Here I prefer watercolor techniques or soft graphics, such as sanguine and charcoal.

Some time ago for an exhibition in the Museum Castle Wijchen, I made a series of charcoal sketches on cotton, based on Siberian graffiti on the rocks. A few of the remaining drawings on cotton you can see below.

I really like to paint landscapes in nature, as well as experiment in my studio without premeditated topics. Nude is one of my favorite genres. In my nude-drawings, I look for inner peace, light, and sensuality. I strive to work with simple, clear forms. The use of old-fashioned techniques such as liquid soot (coal-black) on paper combined with a classical drawing style, sharpen the final result.

Read more about drawings: “Roettekeningen van Ludmila Bessonova” (Drawings of Ludmila Bessonova), Palet & tekenstift, by Erik Beets.

Charcoal drawings (selection)
Nudes (liquid soot)