Video Projects & Documentaries

I use sound and vision to tell the story of the people I have met. The video camera has become a method of communication, a way to explore the culture and life in which I find myself and my understanding of the world as well as a way of self-exploration.

My work is usually about artists like myself and the unique worlds which they have created. I produce films that are 15 to 30 min- long which deal with my favorite genre – the Portrait. Compared to the static depiction of my paintings and photographic portraits, video gives me a more complete picture of the subject. Voice, movement and thought patterns bring the portrait of the subject to life. Video introduces a fourth dimension that I find particularly compelling.

“How it feels to be weightless and to be released from gravity, to arrive in emptiness with empty hands, to break free from all ties, to be far from the fast chaotic city life? Back to yourself, back to your element. This desire became reality in my video ‘In The Vacuum’.”

“Lucy Besson is fascinated with video stills and the way it relates to the medium of photography. In a way, these experiments within the vacuum between still photography and the moving image can be seen as a continuation of those by the Surrealist movement in the 1920s.” – GUP Magazine, Amsterdam

“Award-winning experimental film producer Lucy Besson depicts intimacy, quite literally, in a new light. Her short film, “In the Vacuum,” experiments with negative space to show the slow gestation of the body after birth, as it continues its movements and metamorphoses, throughout life.” – Claudia Moscovici Duration: 4.24min


“Who am I? What am I ? Why do I do what I do?” These are questions that the Russian born artist asks herself in the autobiographical documentary “Create Your Personal Myth”(2006). It is both a self-portrait and an analysis of her achievements as an artist, as a woman and as an immigrant. In the film she offers her story to her son who was born in Netherlands and doesn’t yet want to know about the country from where his parents came . Her little boy is embarrassed about his background and the language his parents speak at home. His mother finds a way to tell him about her self. She believes that her life story, her “personal myth”, can inspire and change her son.